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Dr. Berkow has spoken before a wide-range of national and international audiences including the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Hungary, International Union of Nutritional Scientists, Georgetown University Medical School, U.S. Department of Prisons, Institute of Food Technologists, and the Alexandria Commission on Women, among many others. Professional groups as well as general audiences enjoy her presentations that reflect her wide-knowledge base, clear organization and enjoyable delivery.

Susan speaks about such topics as weight management and healthy eating, use of dietary supplements, pitfalls of fad diets, diabetes prevention and management, understanding eating disorders and diet and chronic disease management.

She will custom design a presentation to meet the needs of an audience based on the group's size, demographics, educational background and scientific understanding of and interest in nutrition.

Example Topics

 Emotional eating: overcoming over-eating.
    The constant struggle to compensate feelings for food.

 Supplements: the good, the bad and the dangerous.
    Ways to negotiate the hype about supplements and find valid, science-based information.

 Trim down the pounds - lose weight without losing your mind.
    The long-lasting healthy way to manage your weight.

 Are you still counting those carbs?
Are low-carbohydrate diets the long-term solution?

 What women need to know
Special nutritional needs of women throughout the life cycle.

 The rhythm method of girth control
    Are you still weight cycling?

 The power lunch without the paunch
    Learn how to make healthy selections in potentially 'unhealthy' situations.

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